While you can easily access information online, the difficult part is knowing which holds genuine Intel. It can get too overwhelming to search for topics online when there are so many articles that can give you contradicting results. There’s no telling which one has the right information these days. Moreover, there’s no guarantee they work at all. Let’s work together in finding and testing out the best options available. Let’s make it a joint effort to update this resource page and make it useful to those who are just starting out.

Let us know in the comments area below your questions, comments or suggestions. We’ll try our best to come up with topics that will spark joy (Konmari inspired lol) and will add value to your freelancing career.  This page will be updated regularly. Hopefully, someday this page will grow and serve to be the ultimate resource list in freelancing.

Here are a few resources that you might want to check out:


  • Top 5 Quality headsets

    A quality, durable headset is an investment. It gets you through an interview and is key in communicating effectively with clients. Choose wisely.

    Here is a list of headsets you can choose from. They are available in Lazada or Shopee.



  • 5 Legit Platforms To Find Freelancing Jobs

    There are a lot of platforms nowadays that will allow you to apply for jobs online. Here are 5 legit platforms we highly recommend you start with when applying for freelancing jobs.


  • SavvyTech Training Lab

    If you’re part of the part of the Virtual Savvies FB group then you would know what this is about. If you haven’t joined that group yet, go ahead and submit a request right NOW!

    Abbey Ashley is the founder of the Virtual Savvy ( She shares a lot of really good stuff on her website and she recently set up a Youtube channel too!

    So what’s cool about enrolling to SavvyTech? You get access to 30+ courses right away! Yup, I mean like you have access to all of them immediately!

    Before opting to sign up for SavvyTech, I did my research and found out that others were offering just 1 course for the same price.

    Some of the cool training courses you can get are: Podcast Management, Clickfunnels, Dubsado, Convert kit and Course creation Masterclass. These are specialized skills which you can price at a high rate once you’ve had a chance to learn and include them as part of your package.

    You can enroll for only a month, access all the videos you’d like to learn, and then unsubscribe afterwards if you’d like to.

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    They also offer 7 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee! If after accessing the course you don’t see value or not satisfied with the content, just send them an email and they will refund you your subscription fee, no questions asked!

    I don’t normally post things like this because again, there’s really no need for you to get into a paid course most especially if you’re just starting out. BUT I really liked their content, and had fun learning new skills each day!

  • Be inspired!

    Success stories of individuals who transitioned from full time jobs to freelancing. If they can do it, we’re confident you can too!