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Interview With An Expert In Web Development

There’s quite a number of people who offer courses nowadays on various topics related to freelancing. There is nothing wrong in this as long as the content is well worth the price. Sadly, I’ve heard complaints from co-freelancers of individuals who simply share content that are substandard. Which is why I highly salute those who offer to share their knowledge and experience wholeheartedly to help those in need at NO COST.

Be Inspired Series: An Interview With An Expert In Web Development And AdvertisingWith A Heart Of Gold

It’s a privilege to have been able to interview one of the few individuals who are committed to this cause. I had the pleasure of working with Nathan Cornella when we supported the same client. He updated my client’s website in less than a week when it took us months with web developers we’ve worked with in the past. Nathan can not only walk the talk but also has a heart of gold towards fellow Filipinos. Get to know what he does and how you can benefit from this.

How did your career in freelancing start?

It was shared to me by my brother who is doing good at freelancing at that time. I was working in Saudi Arabia as an Electronics Engineer. However, I really wanted to go back home to the Philippines. That is why I gave freelancing a try.

What’s your niche and how did you find it?

My niche is in Web Development and Advertising. Google 🙂

How do you find and attract clients?

Upwork and my agency website

Web Development and AdvertisingWhat tools/strategies would you recommend to someone starting out in freelancing?

1. Get a niche and be damn good at it!

2. Collaborate and seek advice from experienced freelancers

3. Join a community of like-minded individuals like Entrepinoys

In your opinion, what are the keys to success when working remotely with a client?

1. Be honest and straight-forward.

2. Display a lot of patience

3. Be an expert in your niche. Always improve and upgrade your skills

What would you give as advice to someone who’s just starting out in freelancing?

Know and master the basics. Learn from the experienced.



  • Nathan has been freelancing for 8 years and has more than 8 clients at the moment
  • He renders 40 hours a week and earns more than 100k a month
  • He has created a Facebook group to share his expertise and experience with fellow Pinoys.  Entrepinoys is a group where everyone can collaborate. Exclusive for Pinoys.


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