How Not To Quit In Freelancing

There is freedom in becoming your own boss, having full control of who to work for, where and when.  It is a liberating and fulfilling experience to be in freelancing.

Yet sometimes, the ride gets rough. Good deals turn bad, conflicts arise, and dream projects keep slipping by. You’ll find yourself losing clients, not able to find great ones or worse get scammed. 

We’ve all been there, one way or another. Go sulk for a while but not for long. Things may not go smoothly now but soon they will. That is if you don’t quit.

Here are some tips to get your mojo back and be successful in freelancing:


Know your purpose

Know your purpose
Know your purpose

Why did you choose this path in the first place? Remembering your WHYs in the toughest of times reverts your perspective to how it once was when you were just starting as a freelancer. Review the reasons you opted to try out freelancing and see if this career path is right for you. Were you not full of hope and optimism then? Quitting is not an option. So don’t you even think about doing it!

Let’s start from the beginning. Write your own mission statement. Make an effort to remind yourself every single day of what your purpose is. Create your vision board and hang it on your wall. Change your phone’s wallpaper with an inspiring quote or a vision of what you want to be. 


Keep learning. Keep looking.

Keep learning
Keep learning

Don’t get disappointed when you get rejected by a client. The solution is not to quit but to upgrade your skill set.

Find your niche and be an expert at it.  Expand your scope. Go out of your comfort zone and learn something totally new. Invest in your skills.

More so, keep a positive attitude. When the going gets tough, hang on. More often than not, clients value attitude over skills. Skills can be taught but changing someone’s attitude take more time and energy. Employers need you as much as you need them. Be an asset, a game-changer on every project you undertake.

And if at first, you don’t get the job you want, keep looking and keep trying. Your credentials and patience can take you a long way.


Plan and execute well

Plan and ExecutePlan and Execute
Plan and Execute

Don’t be content on whatever comes your way, have a plan! Challenge yourself to do better, always. When things don’t go as planned, don’t change the goal, change the strategy!

Set a time to sit down and analyze your key skills and opportunities.

When things are not working out the way you planned, don’t just rant. Look for a solution. Self-discipline is key. Even the biggest companies hold an annual or quarterly strategy meeting. Being a freelancer doesn’t exempt you from doing the same.


Designate a workplace

Designate a workplace
Designate a workplace

Yes, you can choose wherever place to work. But choose wisely. Your workplace can dictate your mood and attitude towards work.

Working on a dimly lit area or worse, your bed is a bad idea. Designate a place in your home you can call your “office”. It has to be well-lighted, with a desk and a chair where you can comfortably work for long hours. Keep your stuff organized, avoid the clutter.

Decorate it with colors you love and post optimistic messages on the walls or on your desk to cheer you up when you’re down. Make it a happy place you look forward to going to every day


Take a break

Take a break
Take a break

When you prioritize and strictly follow your timeline, you will have ample time to rest.

Don’t compromise rest or sleep. If you do, you will reach the point of burnout faster than anyone else. When you’re well-rested, you’re working at your best and can face the challenges ahead with a clear head.

Also, during shifts, take small breaks in between to recharge your mind and body. Go out for a quick walk, grab some coffee, play a game or watch snippets of your favorite sitcom. And on your day-offs, have some fun and go out with family and friends.


These are simple suggestions. Ultimately, your motivation lies within you. You decide your fate. You can succeed in freelancing. Don’t let the setbacks tell you otherwise.

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