I used to handle more than 30 direct reports + 7 lines of businesses, collaborate with internal teams and provide updates to clients while I was still working in an office full-time!

In case you’re wondering what my role was then, I was a Quality Manager in a call center. I looked at and created reports, collaborated with teams and implemented processes that made numbers sore high!

While I was in love with systems, I’m passionate about writing too.  I never took a chance on my passion for writing and so in 2018, I decided to change that and embraced freelancing. As a freelance Virtual Assistant, I’m able to help chief officers, business owners and creatives do the things they love while I focus on the nitty gritty. If we’re both doing the things we love, it’s a win-win situation for sure!

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At Freelancing Alley, we help Startups, Solopreneurs and Business Coaches establish a strong online presence to attract and enjoy and a full pipeline of clients who respect what they do and are happy to pay what they’re worth. 

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