10 Ways Technology Can Help You Become More Productive

Now more than ever, people rely on technology to work from home and earn some. Working from home, however, ain’t an easy task. It can be overwhelming to maintain a work-life balance when you are literally working within the same space where you sleep and relax. 

So how do you combat the lure of laziness and become productive? 

By Kristine Manjares

Moreover, working from home presents some challenges beyond pure will. There’s the need to maintain communication and multi-teams collaboration while working on complicated projects. Without the proper tools, miscommunication can occur, and productivity can suffer. To overcome this challenge, business owners must learn to utilize technological tools and resources that enable their team to be as productive as possible. 

With all this and the tools you have today, what can you do to work smarter and, as a result, increase your productivity tenfold?

Here are ten ways today’s technologies can help increase your productivity

If you’re worried about buying something you are not fully committed to, most applications offer a free version or a 30-day trial period so you can test if it suits your needs before having to pay for a subscription. If you are convinced you really need to get this paid tool but are concerned about the costs, consider the benefits. 

1. Simplifies daily tasks

Have you been doing routine tasks every day? You may not notice, but these tasks eat up most of your productive hours. Why not automate those tasks so you can focus your time on essential business activities? Try using Salesforce or Mailchimp to create forms that you can embed into your webpage. Using an email provider, you can create a series of emails and an automated process that sends those emails to sign-ups in a specified order. 

2. Promotes better project management

Inefficient project management is a time-waster in any business undertaking. Technology helps you become more organized, making project management more effective and efficient. Use tools that provide visibility on what each team member is doing, eliminating redundant efforts. It also facilitates brainstorming to build the structure of current and future projects. Simultaneously, we minimize chaos because everyone knows what needs to be done by who and when. 

Suggested toolsTrelloNotionAsana

3. Enhances communication

Group messaging can significantly improve communication efficiency. You can set up an internal discussion platform where your teams can create posts or ask questions. You can receive immediate answers to urgent queries. Messaging applications like Slack, WhatsApp, and Google Chat are accessible from both desktop and mobile devices, enabling you to reach out to anyone. 

Today’s technology also enables a level of communication that spans borders, allowing multi-cultural interaction. Modern technology makes it easier to consider outsourcing or getting the services of a remote team. 

4. Encourages collaboration

As a result of enhanced communication, technology fosters real-time collaboration. There’s no need to wait for files or information via email. You can store the files in a shared drive allowing the team easy access. They can share files, leave comments, and notes, and even assign tasks to other team members. Technology will enable employees to create an innovative approach to discussing ideas or finding a solution.

Suggested tools: Google Suite (G Suite), Microsoft Office Teams   

5. Supports remote work set up

You might want to consider outsourcing some tasks to scale your business. Technology provides many tools that support remote work. As long as you establish the rules and project deadlines, you can be sure deliverables are completed by your remote employees. You wouldn’t have to monitor them physically, giving you the opportunity to do things you have wanted to get your hands on.

6. Automate time tracking

If your business is starting with only a few employees, you can do time tracking manually. As you hire more people, manual time tracking can immediately become frustrating. Why not use software systems that offer a variety of advanced timekeeping features? Automated time tracking eliminates wasted time and is especially beneficial when you have employees or contractors paid on a per-hour basis. It also boosts productivity when people have automated timelines set up and regular reminders to complete their tasks.

Suggested tools: Time DoctorHarvest

7. Improves employee engagement

Your team can join virtual meetings and have fun days, whether in the office or working from different places using tools like SkypeGoogle Meet, or Zoom. When you utilize technology into your business operations, your employees will be more productive and motivated to put in their best efforts. 

8. Strengthens information security

We can safeguard sensitive business and personal information with the help of technological tools. Cybercriminals employ different tactics to trick people. Utilize technology to protect your information. As a business owner, you can limit employees’ access to specific tools they need. You can provide access to information only to the right people by using tools such as LastPass

9. Promotes continuous learning

With the introduction of new technologies, you and your team can learn almost anything in a breeze. You can take advantage of MOOCs, Youtube videos, and a quick Google search to learn about various topics. The availability of learning tools has allowed people more time to focus on upskilling and skill sharing. Providing employees with continuous learning opportunities makes them more confident, allowing them to provide better output. 

Technology also enables you to learn more efficient ways to run your business. You can even get ideas for your next product or service launch. 

10. More productive operations lead to improved productivity

Because of modern technology, you can achieve better employee engagement leading to work output that wows your customers. Knowing how to use the right technological tools can multiply your team’s productivity and boost your profits overnight.

Want to accomplish more? 

Business owners are always exploring ways to create a working environment that promotes efficiency, productivity, and innovation for their team. According to this article published in Harvard Business Review, if you want to be more productive, try doing less. Allow technology to help you do more meaningful tasks.

Technology also makes delegation of tasks more efficient. So, assess the technological resources that will be most beneficial for you and your team. Use the power of technology to achieve greater heights in your business. 

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