Be Productive. Live Life. Achieve Your Goals.

What would you do if you’ve had more time? 

  • Would you take on another client?
  • Would you create that course you’ve been putting off?
  • Would you finally redo your website, or finish the workshop?

You can do so much more & still have time to do the things you love..

Is this you?

Your inbox has thousands of emails unread and there are still hundreds coming in daily. You interact with people day in, day out, offline and online. People are following up with you.

Every task seems urgent and important. Every little thing requires your attention.

Even after you are done for the day, when you log off from your computer, you can’t stop thinking about the workload. There are still loads you need to do! 

You’ve tried different systems but nothing seems to work. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day but you’ve always felt it wasn’t enough. You feel stressed, tired and overwhelmed. 

Hey, I get it. You’re investing time, money and effort to your work week and yet you don’t feel accomplished. 

I hear you, loud and clear.


Hello! My name is Kristine. I provide administrative and content writing services to chief officers, business owners and creatives. 

Having spent 12 years in a corporate setting, I know what it feels like. Been there, done that. Let me take some load off your shoulders so that you can spend time looking after things that really matter.

I’ll create a system that works, help manage your tasks and bring back time to yourself which you deserve. 

I’ve been working with people like yourself who needed help bringing back their A-game

“We worked with Kristine on project basis and now working for content delivery. She is very knowledgeable, thorough and trustworthy. Her creative skills on top of her business skills make her very strong at what she does. She is always open for honest conversation. She would be a valuable team member for any team.”
Bilge Apak
"Kristine was a great asset to our Team. Along with her easy-going attitude, she consistently demonstrated a professional, dedicated and lots of skills and knowledge to the tasks assigned to her. She was always willing to jump in and help out her team mates. We would hire Kristine again for any project in a heart beat."
Francine Migue
Deal Busters
"Kristine is skilled in many ways and is a great writer, editor, project manager and assistant. I would recommend her to any business owner."
Rhonda Thomas
Single Parent Support Network